Friday, May 21, 2010

May Election Update

Three transportation measures appeared on the ballots in West Virginia on May 11. Two property tax levies were approved in support of public transportation and one measure failed in an incredibly close election by three votes!

Huntington and Cabell County, West Virginia
Voters in the City of Huntington and the County of Cabell, WV gave an overwhelming endorsement of transit when they voted on May 11. Huntington and Cabell County voters approved the renewal of two Tri-State Transit Authority (TTA) levies by over 70%. The TTA levies, a city-wide measure and a county-wide measure, will each begin on July 1, 2012 and last for five years. Combined, the two levies are expected to generate about  $7.3 million over five years.

Glen Dale, West Virginia
Voters in Glen Dale, WV failed to approve a property tax levy to support local bus routes by a mere 3 votes! Had it been approved, the levy would have provided funding to continue and expand Ohio Valley Regional Transportation Authority (OVRTA) service through the city. Since the levy failed, the Glen Dale bus route will likely be stopped. OVRTA will have the final say as to whether the route can continue without any financial support from the city of Glen Dale.