Friday, April 2, 2010

New Poll Demonstrates High Level of Support for Investment in Public Transportation

Good news for transit advocates! The results of a new nationwide poll demonstrate that a majority of voters in every type of community—urban, suburban, small town and rural—believe that a larger portion of transportation spending should go towards public transit. Even more importantly, a majority of voters are willing to increase their own taxes to expand or improve their transportation options. 

The survey, conducted on behalf of Transportation for America, was designed to assess the attitudes of registered voters towards public transportation, walking and biking.  The results of the poll are overwhelmingly in favor of increasing transportation choices and funding.  This support has been regularly demonstrated at the ballot box over the past decade, as CFTE has documented that 70% of transportation ballot measures have been approved by voters. For communities struggling to provide the necessary financial support for public transportation, these results can help support the decision to place a funding measure on the local or regional ballot. 

Many campaigns struggle with how to convince the segment of voters that do not use the transit system that it is worth voting to support.  In the recent St. Louis campaign, slogans like “Some of us ride it. All of us need it.” have been used to get that message to voters. The survey found that this message resonates, as more than a quarter of respondents said that the most compelling reason for improving and expanding public transportation would be to provide more affordable transportation choices to those who need them and to enable people to get where they need to go.

More information on the poll results can be found HERE

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