Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Welcome Aboard!

Thanks for visiting us here at Modal Citizen, CFTE's brand-new outpost in the blogosphere. The Center for Transportation Excellence monitors developments in transportation ballot initiatives and trends in state and local transportation finance and works to assist communities and advocates for more choice and better performance in our transportation system. We aim to use this space to keep you updated on transportation elections, new research, the latest transit news, what's happening with the critics (and how to beat them), and, well, anything that's vital to making the world safe for good transportation policy. This is also your invitation to join us. Tell us what's happening in your area, share ideas and tips, complain, or just speak your mind.

There's 41 days left 'til Election Day. We'll be watching and chatting about all the transportation races. Hope you'll hop on board for the ride.

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